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Coachvip sweepstakes is an internet consultancy and gaming technology marketing company specializing in state-of-the-art 3D casino and multiplayer poker games, all built on a safe, robust, and scalable high-tech gaming platform. Coach Vip sweepstakes specially chosen online gaming tech technologies and suppliers offer an output in all network styles and client-side devices.

Coachvip Sweepstakes software is an online software provider that provides a comprehensive range of top-quality coachvip casino-style games and user management software.

Casino slot machines

Coachvip sweepstakes customers will use anything from browser-based, platform-dependent, and smartphone apps using couchvip developed Java codebase as well as creative 3D tech solutions. High-quality gaming solutions cover all the most popular casino games, online poker, and even games like Backgammon and Rummy. Best of all, all coachvip slots can be highly tailored to suit each of our customers’ desires and demands.

Top up and prices

Coachvip helps business owners to set up a network of machines built in a sweepstakes cafe or internet store where consumers purchase Internet service and get credits to play casino-style games and a chance to win cash prizes. Coachvip software is easy to update, and it takes 20 minutes to set up the entire cafe and give players promotional sweepstakes.

Coachvip is committed to providing the business’ most stable gaming channels, 24/7 top-of-the-line service, full licenses, and state-of-the-art technology. Both items are bundled together.

Games List

Gryphons Gold


Secret Elixir


Serengeti Heat

Oliver’s Bar

Secret Elixir

Winter Queen


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