Popular Super Bowl Bets & Which Team Is Garnishing The Most Money?

Super Bowl Popular Bets & Handle

The Super Bowl is the most-watched event in the United States that has over 100 million people tune in nationwide. It’s estimated that around 17.6 million individuals will place bets on this game, which amounts to over $500 million in legal wagers. People are betting on a range of topics that include spreads, moneylines, over/under, player props, MVPs, and even what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach and what the outcome of the coin toss will be. In the new wave of legal sports betting, it may feel overwhelming to navigate what a popular or good bet is with all of the new options available. Let’s take a look at what the most popular bets are and what can give you the most significant cash-out.

Most Popular Bets

The most popular bets for Super Bowl LVI have been centered around the moneyline and the spread. The Los Angeles Rams are favored to win the game by over 4.5 points. The bet counts for the spread are very close, but the people are placing their money on the underdogs at +4.5 (-115) 55% of the time. The Bengals are also ahead in the moneyline bet of +165 with 52% of all moneyline bets. In fact, the most popular bet in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia is the Bengals’ moneyline. I guess the saying is true; everybody does love an underdog story!

Popular Player Prop Bets

Millions of people have been loving Joe Burrow and his story this NFL season. He has the opportunity to be the first NFL player ever to win their College Football Championship Game, the Heisman trophy, and the Super Bowl title, as well as a potential Super Bowl MVP title. Not only is he loved by the masses, but he also holds some of the most significant bets in his name. The player prop of Joe Burrow throwing for over 281 (-115) yards is the largest player prop bet and the fourth largest bet for the Super Bowl. In the postseason, burrow averaged 280.7 passing yards and reached 348 yards in the Divisional Round against the Tennessee Titans. This bet is right on the line of his average play for the postseason, but the high intensity of this game can lead to higher values of the Bengals QB1.

Cooper Kupp has been a massive name in the 2021 NFL season. Not only did he lead his team in receiving yards, but he also led the NFL with 2,333 yards in regular and postseason games. In all of the 2021 season, Kupp averaged 116.7 yards per game. However, the second-highest player prop bet and the fifth overall bet is Kupp over 121 receiving yards. Anyone who has been following the Rams this season knows Kupp has every asset to be able to pull this off, especially if this game comes down to the wire. If I’ve heard anything about this NFL season, it’s that you never want to bet against #10.

More Obscure Bets

The coin toss is the most popular bet on BetMGM and has received more traction than other props like Joe Burrow passing yards, Joe Mixon rushing yards, and OBJ receiving yards. This bet is a fun way to participate in betting if you don’t have extensive knowledge. The coin toss bets can range from heads or tails, what the away team will call for, and will the winner defer or receive in the first half. The heads or tails call is split 50/50 due to its nature of unpredictability and is set at -105 for each call. Obviously, the outcome will be randomized, so it’s the easiest bet you can make guilt-free. More people are slightly leaning on the result being tails, but this is one bet strategy that has no impact on the outcome.

Super Bowl LVI Betting

If you decide to cast a bet for this Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you check legal obligations in your area. Some states have different rules and regulations surrounding the sports betting scene. Bet safely and responsibly this weekend, and have fun! 

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