Fubo Sportsbook Arizona: Promo Code “LINEUPS” $1,000+ Bonus

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Update

By now, sports bettors in Arizona have had some time to acquaint themselves with Sportsbook options in the state. With a number of different online platforms to choose from, it can be hard to determine what differentiates one from another. Thankfully for residents of the Grand Canyon State, Fubo Sportsbook has entered the marketplace with a focus on interactivity in all things sports — touting the confluence of live TV streaming and real money wagering.

With its launch, Fubo became the state’s 12th Sportsbook and the most recent addition to a blossoming market. All Individuals over the age of 21 now have a chance to take advantage of everything from Fubo’s video streaming and online wagering services.

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code

Now that Fubo sportsbook is live, they are offering new users a chance to get into the world of sports betting at their preferred level of risk. Using the Fubo Arizona Promo Code, new users can access up to $1,000 in risk-free bets along with a free month of FuboTV. A risk-free bet simply means that users can place a bet without losing any money even if you lose the bet. Rather, you will be reimbursed with site credit that can then be bet again for a chance at real cash winnings.

To get registered with the Fubo Arizona Promo Code, make sure to hit one of the banners on this page and use the code “LINEUPS” when prompted for a promo code. Given both the size of the risk-free bet reward and the access you get through your FuboTV membership, this is one of the heftiest deals on the market.

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code Details

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code
Bonus Amount $1,000 Bonus + Free Month Of Fubo TV
Eligibility You will have to be a new user to Fubo Sportsbook and physically in Arizona. You will also need to be at least 21 years of age or older to wager.
Last Verified April 11, 2022

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Review

Fubo Sportsbook is the best platform on the marketplace when it comes to Live TV Streaming. Where most sportsbooks offer streaming as some sort of ancillary service to their wagering services, Fubo offers it as a primary offering. That said, Fubo’s wagering services are not just a side business. Rather their wagering services are designed to work in tandem with streaming by providing you with up-to-date odds on whatever it is you want to watch. In this way, Fubo is the only sportsbook app that is worth the download for anything more than just the wagering itself.

Top 3 Features Of Fubo Sportsbook

Having both live tv streaming services and a sportsbook in the same mobile app is what differentiates Fubo Sports from other players in the market. While some sportsbooks offer links to live broadcasts, no sportsbook really does it with the scale and ease of Fubo. In this regard, they’ve revolutionized the idea of what it means to operate a mobile sportsbook, and have changed sports viewership in general.


Live TV Streaming

It really is hard to do justice to how distinctive the live tv streaming feature is for a sportsbook. No other mobile app offers easy-to-access streaming as a part of their mobile experience and, in this regard, Fubo has gives you something no other app does. Watching sports isn’t just an addition to the wagering experience, in a sense it is the wagering experience


Wide Range Of Options

As an established brand with a lot of capital, Fubo is able to offer odds on just about everything from international tennis to college hockey. Regardless of what your interests are, you’ll find odds for it on Fubo and this means that you can play around with the different betting markets until you find one that works best for you.


Fubo Arizona Promo Code

By offering a $1,000 risk-free bet and a month-long subscription to Fubo TV, the Fubo Arizona Promo Code is the perfect complement to each of the last two features. The risk-free bet allows new users to experiment with different sports and wagering options without a serious financial risk. FuboTV, meanwhile, allows users to sync their bets up to the TV and watch the games they’re betting on in real time. Come for the Fubo Arizona Promo Code, stay for the streaming and the betting options.

Top Arizona Future

At +270, the Arizona Cardinals have great value to win the NFC West. Historically, Super Bowl winners don’t come back the next season as good as they were the season before and we can expect the Rams to be dealing with a bit of a hangover especially after losing Andrew Whitworth, Robert Woods, and Von Miller. The Seahawks are a mess in that division with one of the worst quarterback situations in the league right now and the 49ers still aren’t sure if Trey Lance can play. The Cardinals, meanwhile, bring back a hungry Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray alongside an upgraded defensive backfield.

Legal History

After two previous failed attempts at legislation via H.B. 2813 and S.B. 1523, sports betting is finally live in Arizona as of September 9, 2021 with the passage of H.B. 2772. After disputes about how to split up governance responsibilities among local tribes, legislators settled on ten different licenses for 10 different tribes that allow each tribe to offer off-reservation event wagering for mobile options.

The passage of the bill came right after Wyoming legalized online wagering on September 1st and on the same day as South Dakota on September 9th.

Fubo Arizona Sportsbook FAQ

  • Is Fubo Sportsbook Legal In Arizona?
  • Can I Sync Fubo Sportsbook Up To My TV?
  • Does Fubo Sportsbook App Work On Both iOS and Android?
  • What Is The Legal Betting Age In Arizona?
  • How Do I Get My Money In And Out Of The App?
  • Is There A Minimum Deposit On Registration?
  • Is Fubo Sportsbook A Publicly Traded Company?
  • Can I Place Parlay Wagers On Fubo Sportsbook?
  • How Do I Get In Touch With Fubo Support?
  • Will I Be Charged An Inactivity Fee On Fubo Sportsbook?

Is Fubo Sportsbook legal in Arizona?

Yes, s of November 2021, Fubo Sportsbook is up and running in the state of Arizona. They have a number of bets available, including interesting props for the upcoming NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as a number of different MLB bets and more.

Can I sync Fubo Sportsbook up to my TV?

FuboTV is compatible with Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, SamsungTV, and LG TV. Once users sync the app to their TV, they’ll be able to seamlessly switch from game to game. As users switch around, they’ll be updated on the most relevant wagers of whatever they’re watching.

Does the Fubo Sportsbook App work on both iOS and Android?

As of right now, Fubo only offers iOS and web browser offerings. While it doesn’t have an app for Android users on mobile offerings, it works on any type of computer and is an easy download. Just make head on over to this

What is the legal betting age in Arizona?

All Fubo Sportsbook users must be at least 21 years of age. This is true for all sportsbooks in the state and is not restricted to Fubo. This is not true for FuboTV accounts, however, where anyone over the age of 18 is able to access an account

How do I get my money in and out of the app?

To deposit money into the app, users have the option of using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Sightline Play+ card and ACH Bank Transfers. When it comes to withdrawing, the only two options are ACH Bank Transfer and Slightline Play+ Card.

Is there a minimum deposit upon registration?

Users can create a Fubo Sportsbook account without a deposit, but in order to start wagering users will need to put down at least $10. This is a relatively standard practice across sports betting platforms and the initial deposit can be withdrawn at any time.

Is FuboSportsbook a publicly traded company?

FuboTV Inc, the parent company paired with the Fubo Sportsbook, is publicly traded on the NYSE. FuboTV Inc also owns companies such as Vigtory Inc, Pulse Evolution, Balto Sports Inc, York Productions LLC, S&G Holdings and a number of other smaller media and tech companies.

Can I place Parlay wagers on Fubo Sportsbook?

To place a parlay, simply click on the wagers that you’d like to make, just like you would for any other bet, and once you have multiple bets in the betslip, you can put down how much you want on a parlay. Not all bets can be parlayed, though.

How do I get in touch with Fubo support?

Fubo Sportsbook has a number of support options. First off, their website comes equipped with a live chat service to answer any questions you may have. Otherwise, they have a support email — support@fubosportsbook.com — as well as a phone number.

Will I be charged an inactivity fee on Fubo Sportsbook?

Fubo Sportsbook does not charge its users an inactivity fee. To the contrary, rather, it allows individuals to deposit and withdraw money whenever they please in a seamless manner. Users can go weeks, months, and even years without making a wager.

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona

Name: Fubo Sportsbook Arizona review

Description: Paired with FuboTV, FuboSportsbook is one of the first sportsbooks in the market to offer personalized entertainment that fits your wagering experience. One thing mobile sportsbooks have failed to replicate from the in-person sports betting experience is the ability to watch a number of different live games with the option to wager on each as in-person books do. That is until Fubo. Now, people can take-in the experience of watching live sports with up-to-date gambling figures all from the comfort of their home. With options ranging from player and game props to alternative spreads and totals, if there’s a sporting event out there that is being recorded, odds are Fubo has it and has a line for it.

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, OSx

Application Category: Game

Author: Patrick Monin

  • Interface
  • New User Bonus
  • Variety Of Sports
  • Customer Support



With its near endless wagering options and live TV streaming capabilities, which aren’t offered elsewhere in the market, Fubo has taken things up a notch in not just the wagering space, but the entertainment space. With an easy-to-use mobile app, they prioritize making life easy for you and providing you with the tools necessary to become a safe and smart sports bettor.

Having grown to prominence in the streaming space, they are so far ahead of their competitors that they can feasibly maintain an edge here for some time. Now is the time for the residents of Arizona to get in and take advantage of the Fubo Arizona experience.

Well Done

  • Easy-to-use interface. There are no crazy bells and whistles, just an intuitive layout that makes it easy for new users to navigate.
  • Substantial new user bonus. Whether it be the dollar amount or what you get with FuboTV, you get more from Fubo’s new user bonus than you do from arguably any other app.
  • Innovative offerings. There is no other major app that allows you to sync up live games to a tv through an in-house streaming service.
  • Security. As a major business conglomerate, Fubo has a proven track record of financial security.
  • A large number of sports. Whether you like Nascar or the PGA, Fubo has odds for you.

Needs Help

  •  FuboTV comes at a price. While the first month comes free with the Arizona bonus, FuboTV does cost $70 a month thereafter.
  • Not many promos past initial bonus.

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