FanDuel NY Promo Code: Bet $5 Win $280 Super Bowl Bonus

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FanDuel New York is Here For the Super Bowl

Sports betting has finally arrived in New York and what better timing. For the first time ever, football fans, casual followers, and downright novices can all bet on the Super Bowl no matter where they are in the state of New York. Whether you’re at the top of the Empire State building or visiting your grandma in Poughkeepsie — as long as you have the FanDuel app and are of legal age, you are eligible to take advantage of the many betting options FanDuel offers including their lucrative promos. For the Super Bowl, the sportsbook is offering a FanDuel Promo Code NY that gives new users a chance to capitalize on 56:1 odds for picking the right team to win the Super Bowl. For more details on how to reap the full rewards of the FanDuel Promo Code NY, check out the information below.

FanDuel New York Promo Code: Bet $5 To Win $280

With the Super Bowl approaching this Sunday and the NBA and NHL seasons beginning to pick up steam, what better time to be a FanDuel user in New York. To complement this great time in the sports calendar, FanDuel is offering the gold standard of promos via their “Bet $5 win $280” FanDuel NY Promo Code. To qualify for the FanDuel Promo Code New York, all new users need to do is register their account using this . Once you’ve provided the relevant information to set up the account and made your initial deposit, you’re all ready to wager! Simply place that $5 you’ve deposited on the team you think will win the Super Bowl using the FanDuel NY Super Bowl Promo. The stakes couldn’t be smaller. Lose, and you walk away with $5 less than you started with. Win, and you take home a fat $280 payday via the FanDuel Promo Code New York.

This year’s Super Bowl features two of the more likable teams in NFL history between Matt Stafford’s Rams and Joe Burrow’s Bengals. Both teams are coming off a field goal victory in the conference championship round — the Bengals against the Chiefs on the road and the Rams against the Niners at home. This marks the first time since 2013 that neither of the top 3 seeds from either conference appear in the Super Bowl. It should be an exciting one to watch and an even more exciting one to bet given how much faith both head coaches have in their respective quarterbacks. The Bengals and Rams finished the season top 1 and 2 in the league in yards per play. With that, let’s dive into some of the odds with the highest value that you can utilize with your FanDuel Bonus New York.

FanDuel NY Super Bowl Promo & Best Bet

Now that you’re all registered and ready to go with the FanDuel Super Bowl Promo, all you need to do is hit your bet. Of the many betting options sportsbooks provide this time of year, one of the most interesting, and quite frankly fun, choices is to bet on Super Bowl Props (i.e., betting on things within the game rather than the game itself). One of my favorite props this year is Aaron Donald for Super Bowl MVP at 17:1 odds. Since 2000, a defensive player has won the Super Bowl MVP award 4 times. In a game that’s projected to be relatively low scoring (the o/u is currently set at 48.5), it’s quite feasible that a couple sacks and a forced fumble or two would be all it takes.

Beyond the historical precedent, though, Aaron Donald matches up really well against this Bengals offensive line that has struggled against good interior play. The Bengals won’t be able to double him all game because of how many other guys the Rams have that are capable of getting consistent pressure, namely Von Miller and Leonard Floyd. Donald also has the narrative qualities that are often tantamount with the award. He’s been a Ram his whole career and has widely been considered the best player at his position for the last half decade and possibly ever. If nothing more, Aaron Donald for MVP is something to take a look at with your FanDuel NY Super Bowl Bonus.