Aaron Donald Super Bowl 56 MVP Odds

We are just a few days away from the kickoff of Super Bowl LVI featuring the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium. Kickoff is set for 6:30 PM CST on Sunday, February 13th, 2022. As soon as that first whistle blows, all sports bettors will be holding their breath as they watch the game unfold. The Super Bowl MVP is one of the biggest bets for spectators and the biggest honor for every player. As of right now, the top MVP bets are:

The MVP is chosen after the conclusion of the game by a panel of 16 NFL journalists and broadcasters, as well as the mobile fan votes. The committee makes up 80% of the vote, while the fan votes make up 20%. If you see your favorite player in the running, make sure to cast your vote this Sunday!

Aaron Donald Super Bowl 56 MVP Odds

In the history of the Super Bowl MVP title, there has only been one other defensive tackle to take home the trophy. In 1978 during Super Bowl XII, the Cowboys’ defensive end Harvey Martin and defensive tackle Randy White both won the title, and there has not been a DT victory since. However, Aaron Darnold might put an end to that streak.

Aaron Donald is one of the most feared defensive tackles in the league. Donald has accumulated 12.5 sacks in the regular and postseason, ranking him 7th in the league. He has completed 38 solo tackles and forced four fumbles in the 2021-2022 season. He will be going up against the offensive line that has allowed the most sacks for any quarterback in the league, leaving ample room for Donald to shine. In this matchup, I expect Aaron Donald to push past the Bengals’ offensive line with ease to not only cause sacks but force the young QB, Joe Burrow, to scramble and make errors. The key to the Rams’ success in this game all depends on frazzling Burrow and stopping plays downfield with the connection of Burrow and Chase. Donald will also be useful in controlling the Bengals’ running back, Joe Mixon, on the run. Donald has the power and ability to stop the Bengals’ offense, and if he’s successful, he may walk away with the MVP title.

The odds are +1600, which could result in a huge payout. BetMGM has come forward saying one person has put all of their faith in Donald. A $7,500 bet was placed on #99 taking home the title, which would result in a $120,000 payout. This bet is riskier in nature since the MVP title has been awarded to quarterbacks 31 times in the history of the award, compared to the one defensive tackle recipient. Aaron Donald will need to be the sole defensive powerhouse that is able to stop the Bengals’ offense, which is possible, but he would need to prove he is the exclusive reason his team dominated the game. On the line with him, there’s Von Miller, who will also be a key player to the defensive line of the Rams and could run a codominant stop of the Bengals. I am unfortunately not seeing a future game where Aaron Donald will be the exponential winner of this Super Bowl matchup. While I’m sure he will have a tremendous game, I find it very difficult to trust that he will have a significant enough play that would trump the skill of Matthew Stafford, Joe Burrow, and even Cooper Kupp. I think the odds are more likely to go to the quarterback or wide receiver of the winning team instead of Aaron Donald due to the pattern of offensive recipients and explosive players on either team’s offense. Donald would be an easy frontrunner for a defensive MVP, but appears to be falling just short of an overall MVP title.

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